Botanical yarn - Sweet Pea Ripple

Botanical yarn - Sweet Pea Ripple

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Botanically inspired, hand dyed wool colourway: Sweet Pea Ripple

Hand-dyed in Yorkshire, England.

I used to run a house plant business, therefore all my hand dyed yarn is inspired by my favourite plants, hence their unusual names. 

Please note that as this is a hand-dyed yarn, each skein is unique. We recommend striping alternate skeins when using more than one in order to achieve a more natural gradation. 

Care: Machine wash on gentle cycle and lay flat to dry. We always recommend hand washing when you can.


Please note, these skeins are dyed to order, so there may be a delay of 3-4 working days before your order dispatches. Please let me know if you would like a sweater quantity of any of these skeins, and I can offer 15% over 3 skeins of the same colour. To redeem this discount please use code : SQ

Information on the yarn bases:

100% BFL British Yorkshire Wool Sock 4ply - ideal for socks and shawls.


The construction and twist of the yarn ensures good durability, meaning there is no need for nylon, yet still remaining soft when worn next to the skin.

Yorkshire wool, spun in Yorkshire. 

100g hank

100g approx 425m 

Bluefaced Leicester wool is classed as a long-wool with lustre. The breed evolved during the 19th Century and originally came from the Tyne and Wear valleys, and hills of east Cumbria. It was sometimes referred to as ‘Hexham Leicester’, originating from Border Leicester individuals selected for the blue face (white hairs on black skin). The wool is fine and dense with a good lustre and is long. The sheep produces a fairly small weight of fleece for its size and the fleece has been highly prized in recent years for production of attractive lustrous yarns with good resilience. 


100% Falkland merino fine DK

100g approx 240m

Our Falkland fine merino DK yarn has been created to make a 2/5Nm yarn.  The base colour of the Falkland is very good and the merino adds a softness giving a super handle.

The term, Falkland wool, refers to wool grown only on the Falkland Islands and not in any other location. The wool clip from these islands is a very good white and is grown from Merino and Polwarth breeds. The majority of the wool produced emanates from the Polwarth. The clip is relatively small compared to other world clips and was, until recently sold predominantly through the UK.

Falkland Fine Merino 4 Ply Singles

100g 495m

Falkland wool has been used to produce this 4 ply single yarn. Not only is the base colour extremely good, the length of the Falkland fibre results in a luxurious yarn with excellent durability.

With a meterage of approx 495m, it is possible to to many projects from just 1 x 100gm hank.


Corriedale Sock Twist 4ply

 100g approx 425m

A non superwash sock yarn made from Corriedale, great durability making it perfect for knitting socks and other projects

 100% BFL High Twist 4ply - great for shawls, jumpers and everything in between

100% Superwash Bluefaced Leicester Wool

High Twist

100g hanks

400m per 100g

75% BFL 25% Nylon 4ply - great for socks and items you would like to be hardwearing

75% Superwash Bluefaced Leicester Wool
25% Nylon

100g Hanks
425m per 100g

Delight 4ply - a luxurious yarn that is so soft!

70% Baby Alpaca
20% Silk
10% Cashmere

100g Hanks
400m per 100g

100% BFL DK - great for shawls, jumpers and everything in between

100% Superwash Bluefaced Leicester Wool

100g Hanks
225m per 100g

Mohair lace weight - a lot of patterns are holding 1 strand mohair and 1 strand 4ply to create a fantastic effect

72% Kid Mohair
28% Silk
Brushed Singles

50g Hank
420m per 50g

4ply mini skein - perfect for heels and toes on socks, or for a crochet blank or a multi skein shawl

80% Superwash Merino
20% Nylon
High Twist

20g 73m

Suri Silk Fluff - great alternative to mohair 

74% Baby Suri Alpaca
26% Mulberry Silk

50g Hanks
300m per 50g