Made to order - Botanical yarn - Project bag style 04 - design 01

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Please note, these project bags are made to order, and we aim to dispatch your order within 4 weeks.

So I'm always on the search for the perfect project bag, that bag that holds everything inside, and has the right colour/print.

After many discussions with my friend Sally, (whom is a fantastic sewer and general crafter) she agreed to sew some project bags for me.

This project bag has a roll top and a buckle to fasten your project inside, and also acts as a handle to carry your project around with you. You can also roll the project bag down when you're working from it and it will sit upright holding your project safe. 

 This listing is for the floral canvas fabric. The photo with the two bags it to show the different sizes. 

There are two sizes of the project bag:


Small ~ Approx - 15cm x 12cm x 15cm 

Perfect for 2 sock WIPS or one sock WIP and a notion case

Large ~ 19cm x 15cm x 19cm 

Perfect for a 5-6 skein project - jumper or large shawl  

Please note these project bags are made to order, to minimise waste.