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Here you can view all of our colourways, and if you can't see the colourways in the shop please contact us to ask for a specific request. We are very happy to dye to order yarn.

Based in York, UK, Botanical yarn dyes yarn inspired by all things botanical. Our colour-ways are inspired by indoor and outdoor plants, including a variety of flowers. 

Sophie's passion for plants has grown over years of collecting indoor plants, and writing a book about plants, called Living with Plants, which is available at most bookstores. 

Alchemilla Mollis - inspired by the beautiful ochre/green shrub


Agave - the easy to care for succulent, the plant has lots of sub species that are in all different shades of blues.


Cotelyon Undulata


Sweet Pea Collection - inspired by the Sweet Pea's in my garden


Sweet Pea Ripple 

Sweet Pea Suzy Z 



Sweet Pea Sicilian Pink

Sweet Pea Flame 
Sweet Pea Noel Sutton