ChiaoGoo Twist Short Combo 2" and 3"

ChiaoGoo Twist Short Combo 2" and 3"

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The X-Flex Blues are the twist'MORE FLEXIBLE sisters!! Just like the Reds, they are engineered with a steel core so they have no memory. Twist them and they'll always go back to their original straight shape.

If you love the Reds but find them just a little too stiff for your littler diameter projects, these are the cables you're looking for!

We also love them for adding a little extra cable length and a bit more flexibility near the tips by using a chiaogoo cable connector.

And lastly (and this is THE BEST!), you can use them to make flexible double pointed needles using these cables and some interchangeable tips! 

These are the same cables you'll find in the larger shortie interchangeable kit. 

We LOVE the blue colour too!