Thread & Maple - Cork Necessaire Bag
Thread & Maple - Cork Necessaire Bag

Thread & Maple - Cork Necessaire Bag

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Simple and elegant, this project bag is the perfect home for your essential notions and 'work in progress' knitting projects. Handcrafted in Portugal from natural cork leather, this wide zip pouch has a large inner pocket to store your knitting tools and accessories.

It measures 20cm (8 inches) tall, 36cm (14 inches) at its widest point and stands on its own with a 12cm (5 inch) deep flat base. It comfortably holds a medium-sized 4-5skein project, such as a light cardigan or scarf. Each bag comes with a detachable wrist strap for easy carrying.

Cork is a sustainable and cruelty-free material, lightweight, waterproof and durable. Cork harvesting is a complex and fascinating process, almost like a ritual, carried out by specialists as it takes a lot of experience and manual skill to harvest the cork without harming the tree. The cork fabric of these bags comes from a tree that is at least 43 years old and may be older than you!

As it is a natural wood product, the pattern and texture can vary slightly, making each item unique.

Please note that tassels are sold separately as optional add-ons.