TRAVELER'S COMPANY Notebook Black Regular Size
TRAVELER'S COMPANY Notebook Black Regular Size

TRAVELER'S COMPANY Notebook Black Regular Size

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An icon in its own right, the Traveler's Notebook is an essential for anyone who appreciates the art of journaling. 


The Traveler's notebook is hand-made from a single piece of leather in the northern city of Chiang Mai, Thailand - you'll notice that the notebook, when opened flat, does not have seams or any stitching. This is part of its unique charm and means that your notebook will have all the natural look and feel of that particular hide. When you first unbox your Traveler's notebook, you'll notice a fine white powder that covers the entire piece of leather; this is the natural oil which seeps from the skin and takes on a powdery appearance. Don't wipe it off - instead, gently brush it or massage it back into the leather to enrich the hide and keep it soft and supple. Make sure to frequently condition the leather by using specially formulated oils or wax designed to keep the leather from cracking.

If you love the look of a unique piece that ages over time and acquires marks, dents and scratches that tell a story of a well loved and used notebook, then this is a journal you'll no doubt appreciate. If your look is more decorative, you can accentuate the cover with charms, different coloured bands and stickers all available within the Traveler's Company range.

Is it refillable?
Yes, that's one of its best features. Once you've used the refills inside, simply remove your refill, and replace with a new one. Your Traveler's Notebook can hold up to four refills together (you can certainly try and squeeze a few more in but it tends to look quite bulky with more than four) and what's really nice is that you can change up the refills to suit the way in which you like to use your journal - ruled, grid, kraft paper or perhaps water colour paper for a spot of art.

Good to know

  • Contents: Notebook (leather cover), cotton dustcover, plain MD paper refill, spare band, and kraft package. 
  • Cover H220 x W120 x D10mm
  • Refill H210 x W110 x D4mm
  • Plan refill included contains 64 pages saddle stitched MD paper
  • Spare band included is Red
  • Hand made in Thailand