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Crochet Ideas For Mini Skeins!

As someone who mostly knits, I admit sometimes it is easy to focus on knitting. So I apologise if I ever asked you "What are you knitting?" and you are actually a crocheter! So, this is my attempt to make it up to all the crocheters out there and compile some inspiration for what you can make with your mini skeins.  * Just a small disclaimer that all links will take you to Ravelry. I understand this website isn't accessible for everyone but unfortunately it is still the most comprehensive collection of crochet and knitting patterns. All images have also come from Ravelry. * Garments! Here are four different garments you can make with your mini skeins! Crochet Sea Glass...

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What to do with all these mini skeins?

I have never met a yarn lover who didn’t love mini skeins. They’re affordable, colourful and the possibilities are endless. Many of us knitters love buying mini skeins but, hands up if you are guilty of collecting mini skeins but not actually using them in projects!  Well, I’m here to help with some inspiration for how to use your Winter Solstice Minis box… or any minis you have sitting around that need a project.  The Winter Solstice Box includes 21 minis each weighing 20 grams which in total is approximately 1,680 metres. If you’ve opted for the deluxe box you will also get a full 100g skein to use alongside the minis, giving you a whopping 2,105 approximate metres. For many...

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